The Gacha System has been removed in the latest update of Cookie Run OvenBreak

By | February 28, 2023

Cookie Run OvenBreak is a popular mobile game developed by Devsisters Corporation. The game was first released in 2016 and is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is a side-scrolling platformer game in which players control various cookie characters as they run, jump, slide, and collect coins and other items in order to progress through levels. In Cookie Run OvenBreak, players can also customize their cookies with various outfits and abilities, and can participate in events and challenges for rewards. The game features a wide variety of levels with different themes and challenges, as well as boss battles against powerful enemies.

Cookie Run OvenBreak also features a gacha system, which allows players to spend in-game currency or real money to obtain randomized rewards such as new cookies, outfits, and other items. As mentioned earlier, there have been recent updates to the game that have removed the gacha system, potentially in response to concerns over its addictive and potentially harmful nature. Devsisters has made the decision to remove all gacha mechanics from Cookie Run OvenBreak as part of a future update. The update will launch by mid-March this year, and we’ll keep a close eye out for it!

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Collect characters with unique powers and skills, from Hero Cookie to Cocoa Cookie. Build a collection of Pets to pair with your Cookie characters for an even more exciting time! This free cookie game keeps the characters coming and the side scroller levels hot!

The highlight of this news is the fact that you can now select a pet or cookie that you want, without having to deal with the luck of the draw – even legendary pets and cookies!

It’s a pretty surprising announcement overall, with the gacha system having been in the game since launch. If you didn’t know, Cookie Run Ovenbreak was the first game in the Cookie Run series, so this is quite a big deal!

latest update of Cookie Run OvenBreak

How Much Do Cookies and Pets Cost Now?

Let’s go over the small details when it comes to obtaining your chosen cookies and pets:

Epic Pet – 30 Crystals

Epic Cookie – 45 Crystals

Legendary Pet – 2.4k Crystals

Legendary Cookie – 3.6k Crystals

Slight Change to Potions!

This huge change removes the Pet Eggs and Cookie Chests from the gacha pool. Additionally, Spirit Potions are also changing slightly with brand-new subdivisions!

Pet Potion (Leveling up Common, Rare, and Epic Pets)

Cookie Potion (Leveling up Common, Rare, and Epic Cookies)

Legendary Cookie Potion

Legendary Pet Potion

New Rewards in Cookie Run OvenBreak

If you wish to obtain a Legendary Pet Potion or a Legendary Cookie Potion, you can earn them by playing through the New Cookie Cup – they’re a rank reward! The devs are also removing the Pet and Cookie Mileage system – the lack of gacha makes it redundant.

Take part in the Cookie Trial to earn Trial Star Candies for rank rewards. You can then use this resource to purchase the first copy of a Pet or Cookie for free! Keep in mind that you can receive Legendary Pets and Legendary Cookies with this method too.

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