Limbus Company New Releases game for Android

The Limbus Company release date wasn’t entirely without problems though. A reddit post has indicated that the game’s servers caved under the pressure a few hours into the release. Clearly more people were keen to enter the dystopian nightmare than the developers anticipated. Things seem to be running smoothly as of the time of this article on the… Read More »

Asobimo Launches New ARPG N-Innocence for Android

N-Innocence is an new ARPG Asobimo games for Android device. The tap-and-flick fighting action, a unique interpretation of the mythological crossover story, and the state-of-the-art artwork that enhances the story. N-INNOCENCE is a new fighting action RPG with a nostalgic feel. N-Innocence uses a crossover of different mythical stories to create it’s world. For example, the game’s antagonist… Read More »